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An Dud Nevez

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[ pronounce "an dhut' neh veh" ]

A real couple... a true duet !

An Dud Nevez specializes in Breton traditional music.
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The musicians :

Claude Nadeau : bombard "mod kozh" (early instrument), non temperate mode
Daniel Dupitier : veuze (period bagpipe)

An Dud Nevez specializes in Breton traditional music.

Sharing an expertise in early music, this couple delights in exploring the historical aspects of Breton music and trying out uncommon mixtures of the old and the modern

Their instruments in untempered scales, inspired by those of past centuries, are unique and have been made to measure by instrument maker Dominique Bougé. They draw on the forgotten sonorities of ages past which revive our taste for feasting and celebration. Claude Nadeau and Daniel Dupitier have thus taken up the challenge of combining a great historical rigour with an astonishing energy which leaves no-one indifferent. Nobody can remain sitted when the instruments sound the call to the dance!

An Dud Nevez performs at Fest-Noz (Breton traditional balls), weddings, special evenings and corporate events with a repertory which is both rich and surprising. If need be, an initiation to the Breton dances will be offered, so that all those who wish can take part in the feast.

Like Brittany itself, An Dud Nevez is both deeply anchored in tradition, and confidently turned towards the future.

Bombarde et orgue For a religious ceremony or a concert, An Dud Nevez will surprise you with a bombard and organ duet or bombard/bagpipe, organ and voice.

For a wedding, it is possible to combine music at the church with music for the evening or the reception.

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Samhain Night (Celtic new year) at Lancelot's
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An Dud Nevez would like to thank Dominique BOUGÉ, instrument maker in Brittany, for his instruments, his precious collaboration, his ideas, his kindness and his talent.

Dominique Bougé makes bombards and all kinds of bagpipes, including period instruments in early scales.

Dominique BOUGÉ
Le Bourg
22330 ILLIFAUT (Bretagne) +33 2 96 56 61 17

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