Claude Nadeau and her collaborators present the following shows :

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Music from Brittany : Bombard and Veuze (early breton bagpipe)

Fest-noz (folk bal), animation, concert, weddings... for weddings, it is possible to have both bombard and veuze at the reception and bombard, organ and voice at the church

- option : an introduction to breton dancing
- option : sailors' songs
- option : traditionnal Breton costumes or sailors' costumes

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Mediaeval Music

Music from the XIth to XVth centuries, on period instruments

- Musical animation, fix or peripateticy
- Commented concerts : introduction to medieval repertoire and presentation of the instruments
- Musical animation, with "Danses de Cour Royale" - 12 to 18 dancers in costumes
- Musical lecture, on medieval music at large or on a particular topic
- Religious services : gregorian chant or other
- Course or stage : courtly repertoire, dances, chant, initiation to the instruments
- Animation in schools
- Banquets
- Consulting : commercial events, movies, theater, special projects with a medieval background
- option : a third musician (percussion) can be added, for even more energy (for an animation outside, or for playing with dancers)

Baroque Music

Solo harpsichord music or chamber music with harpsichord
we can provide the harpsichord

- Harpsichord recital "The Spirit of the Dance"
- Chamber music with 2 or 3 musicians (ex: baroque flute, viola da gamba, voice)
- Baroque dance in period costumes
- Theater and Baroque Music

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Sacred Music with organ

- Concert bombard, organ and barytone : "Sacred Celtic Music"
- Sacred Music concert with 2 lyrical singers and organ
- Organ recital "Music in New-France"

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Les Marcheurs de Lumière (Walking into the Light)

A pyrotechnical, theatrical and musical show

for 9 percussionists and two double-reed players

A wonderful show combining the magic of a firework with the beauty of a quite singular music and of characters coming from invented countries

This show is presented by the Compagnie K

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