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An Dud Nevez

Medieval music

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Veuzou de Saumur

A real couple... a true duet !

An Dud Nevez ( pronounce: "an dhut neh veh") specalizes in historical music on period instruments. (see also "celtic music")

The musicians :

Claude Nadeau : period bombard, voice, mediaeval harp, percussions, tales...
Daniel Dupitier : veuze (early bagpipe), Languedoc oboe, flutes...

On the occasion of reconstitutions or historical festivals, with mediaeval reenavtment companies, or for public or private celebrations, they follow the path of the troubadours and sound their instruments in such chosen places as the Louvre in Paris, the ramparts of Carcassonne (photo), Valence, Clermont-Ferrand, Questembert, etc...

Their 13th-century characters, brought back from the past to talk about Middle Ages here and now, in the first person singular, and their unique instruments with their age-old non-tempered scales and their long-forgotten timbres, transport the listener to a place beyond time.

Relying on the most recent musicological research, based on sources as mediaeval manuscripts and iconography, An Dud Nevez is notable for its seriousness, truly living the Middle Ages not only as a profession but also as a passion. Going so far as to seek the collaboration of an instrument maker to reconstitute early instruments - the fruits of their own musicological research, they strive to recreate as accurately as possible a repertoire from the 12th to the 14th century, which is both rich and surprising; they have taken up the challenge of combining extreme historical rigour with an energy which leaves no-one indifferent.

Services :

Musical animation, fix or peripateticy
Commented concerts : introduction to medieval repertoire and presentation of the instruments
Musical lectures, on medieval music at large or on a particular topic
Religious services - gregorian chant or other
Courses or workshops : courtly repertoire, dances, chant, initiation to the instruments
Animation in schools
Consulting : commercial events, movies, theater, special projects with a medieval background
and any other project we may find interesting...!

Depending on the event, we will adapt our music the the specific history of the place or of the characters.

Also, if other services are required, we are in touch with a network of competent collaborators (jugglers, falconers, horses, actors, medieval cuisine, etc...) whose services can be called upon.

"An Dud Nevez" is legally constituted as a non-profit organization and holds an event organizer's licence issued by the DRAC (a branch of French Ministry of Culture), which constitutes a pledge of authenticity, of transparency and professionalism.

An Dud Nevez is a member of the Collège des Professionnels of the

Fédération Française des Fêtes et Spectacles Historiques

In brief...

What they say about us! (critics)

A few dates

From the press...

Samhain Night (Celtic new year) at Lancelot's

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An Dud Nevez would like to thank Dominique BOUGÉ, instrument maker in Brittany, for his instruments, his precious collaboration, his ideas, his kindness and his talent.

Dominique Bougé makes bombards and all kinds of bagpipes, including period instruments in early scales.

Dominique BOUGÉ
Le Bourg
22330 ILLIFAUT (Brittany) 02 96 56 61 17

Upcoming events

Photo album
at Carcassonne in March 2001

More photos... (summer 2001)

Article : who were the troubadors ? (in French)

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